GCN Mitigation in North Lincolnshire

This summer, Scarborough Nixon Associates Ltd have been involved in a great crested newt Triturus cristatus mitigation project on a site in North Lincolnshire, in order to remove the newts from a development site.

Previous surveys conducted by Scarborough Nixon Associates Ltd found that a medium-sized population of great crested newts are present within a pond adjacent to the development site, and that the development site provided terrestrial grassland habitat for this species. The great crested newts needed to be removed from the grassland before the start of development on site, so to do this, newt exclusion fencing was been put up around the site, and pitfall traps and refuge areas were installed along the fenceline.

Just after the halfway point of trapping, 81 great crested newts, 28 smooth newts Lissotriton vulgaris, 5 common frogs Rana temporaria and 184 common toads Bufo bufo have been found so far. They have all been relocated to amphibian refugia in the receptor area, next to the pond. With up to another 25 days of trapping to go, it’s likely that these numbers will keep on rising!

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