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Waithe Beck

Waithe Beck

Scarborough Nixon Associates Ltd recently undertook a Phase 1 walkover survey of Waithe Beck at Thorganby in Lincolnshire. The work was in connection with proposals by the Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project to enhance the water course by regrading the banks, installing flow deflectors and encouraging sinuosity and the development of natural river features. Chalk streams are a Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) priority habitat and the improvement of these habitats in the Lincolnshire Wolds will be of significance benefit to local biodiversity.

The work involved mapping and characterising the plants and habitats on site, undertaking a search for signs of use by statutorily protected species and undertaking a data search. A small amount of badger and water vole activity were recorded and the team were able to provide practical recommendations and measures to ensure that this important work could proceed without any threat of disturbance to protected species already using the environs of the water course.