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Great crested newt surveys must be undertaken between March and June, therefore forward planning is essential in order to prevent costly delays. Book your survey now!

Our team undertakes survey work for amphibians, principally great crested newts.

Great crested newts and their places of shelter and protection are fully protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as amended by the Countryside and Rights of Way (CRoW) Act 2000. They are also protected under European legislation, being included on Schedule 2 of The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 (the Habitats Regulations).

Great crested newt surveys are undertaken in spring when the animals are in their aquatic habitat. Surveys to establish presence/absence must be undertaken between March and June, therefore forward planning is essential in order to prevent costly delays. Inspired Ecology Ltd undertake pond/water body assessments as part of any ecological appraisal and can advise on the likely requirement for great crested newt surveys.

Our team includes appropriately licenced ecologists who can conduct further surveys, including eDNA surveys, for great crested newts (with survey work undertaken in accordance with Natural England protocols). We can also prepare any necessary Natural England European Protected Species (EPS) licences and implement the associated mitigation strategies and habitat enhancement schemes. 

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