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Extended Phase 1 and Habitat Surveys
An extended Phase 1 survey involves an ecological appraisal of the site to assess the habitat and species present and identify any potential ecological constraints and species/habitats of ecological significance.

Extended Phase 1 and Habitat Surveys

The team can provide:

  • Extended Phase 1 surveys for inclusion in Environmental Impact Assessments or as part of the planning process
  • Hedgerow Regulations (1997) assessments
  • Protected species scoping surveys
  • Ecological risk assessments
  • Ecological clerk of works services
  • Preparation of management plans

Timing is critical when planning more targeted surveys for individual species and commissioning walkover surveys and scoping assessments at an early stage can prevent unnecessary delays as the work progresses. We work closely with our regular clients to foresee potential ecological constraints and ensure that appropriate surveys and mitigation are designed into the project from the start.