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Protected Species
Certain species are legally protected under both European and UK legislation – these are known as ‘Protected Species'.

Protected Species

A number of species receive special protection under both our domestic UK legislation and European legislation; these are known as ‘Protected Species'. As part of the planning process, a protected species survey is usually a requirement.  Scarborough Nixon Associates have ecologists who hold appropriate licenses if necessary and specialise in survey and mitigation for the commonly encountered ‘protected species'. Many surveys (and mitigation strategies) are constrained by season and early planning is vital in order to avoid delays. Scarborough Nixon Associates can advise on likely ecological constraints, the potential for certain protected species to occur on a site and the potential survey effort that may be required – for an informal chat about your site and the services we may be able to provide please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Amphibians

    Great crested newt surveys must be undertaken between March and June, therefore forward planning is essential in order to prevent costly delays. Book your survey now!
  • Reptiles

    Our team undertakes survey and mitigation work for common reptile species (common lizard, slow worm, adder, and grass snake). Ring us now for an informal chat about your site and the potential for common reptiles to occur.
  • Bats

    Bats and their roosts are legally protected. Scarborough Nixon Associates Ltd can provide robust surveys using the latest equipment, practical mitigation strategies and reports which will satisfy planning authorities.
  • Badgers

    Scarborough Nixon Associates Ltd can undertake badger surveys and provide advice on licensing and mitigation. Please ring us for an informal chat about your development and badgers.
  • Water Voles and Otters

    Water voles and their habitat are legally protected. The team can undertake surveys for water voles (and otters) and can provide advice relating to mitigation and licensing.
  • Birds

    The habitat requirement of birds is very varied and hence our survey technique and rationale will vary depending on the development proposals and the location of the proposed development. Please get in touch for an informal discussion about your site and possible survey requirements.
  • Barn Owls

    Barn owls are afforded special legal protection. They are frequently recorded in outbuildings and barns; the team can offer surveys, advice and practical mitigation strategies for this species.